Not Away!

Hi, I am not away, I am still finishing slowly some pieces and will show them soon. I have been last year working on my home garden which is a project that I had at heart to finish since I refurbished most of the flat. Meanwhile I was still working …

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2016 now!

Once again Seasons Greetings! Welcome to my site. Thanks for coming that far specially for those who don’t know me. It’s about 2 years now that I build this website and like many other people or businesses, the informations often are getting a bit outdated or the site is not …

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So I went back during my holiday to see Mme Ledoux who hold the local food store to see if I could take a picture of the painting she bought from me in1997 as I had lost the picture she has sent me years ago..
This picture is the last I painted on the Island during my 5 months stay, and one of the best I would say…
After having the chance to spend my last 3 summers on my own on the Island and not being artistically productive, it was for me to prove myself first that I could still be a good painter or erase the word artist for my description…
Emotionally my 20th was not getting better, but thanks to the support of some locals and painting commissions I managed to pull out a few nice paintings and make a bit of money.
I made around 750£ in that period which without tax constitute quite a good average worker wage, but still even living in a tent without a rent wasn’t enough to cover those five months…not too bad….could have been a bit stronger and more organised…
Anyway with the choice to try to settle and make my life I decided again to go back home to see if I could do anything more constructive for my future which ended by me spending the two months heading to Christmas the hands in ice cold meat in a factory…I didn’t paint or draw for a time…I decided that art should be your life first, art should be in your mind ………………………………………………………………
On the steps of the impressionists..

Mon étalage de peintures. 1997

Mon étalage de peintures. 1997

Sauzon Sept.1997- Oil 63x50

Sauzon Sept.1997- Oil 63×50

Finished and Unfinished and Never Finished


Well my painting and creating is like I am wearing shackle and it’s always hard to find enough time at the moment but I am still pushing through. Like those simple watercolours…if you don’t finish it in the first 48h (or maybe a week) then you’re in too deep….;)

Hi, Richard Filatre Art is still around, just about surviving at the moment, squeezing painting and drawing after and…

Posted by Richard Filatre Art on Monday, 11 May 2015