2016 now!

Livingstons. Courtesy of Isla 2015 (c.)

Once again Seasons Greetings!
Welcome to my site. Thanks for coming that far specially for those who don’t know me. It’s about 2 years now that I build this website and like many other people or businesses, the informations often are getting a bit outdated or the site is not being take care of. Nonetheless I have committed pursuing my art career…well at my level a career would be good enough after another 20 years of working hard and I have been left to feel a bit unappreciated and by experience I feel I have to persevere with the many gifts I have been provided with.
2015 finished with many dramas in the world, and for me life had to go on as usual although I feel quite affected by the worldwide situation. It may be usual business for the world and maybe just more of an extrapolation by the puppets masters to create that insecurity climate.
As for every year, I had to get my little break back in the France in midsummer and take a breath of the quiet and calming Bretagne’s countryside. I took some time for sketching in the evening between the attacks of mosquitoes and reserved myself a couple of days for painting first to realise while camping on the coast that all my brushes were left behind in England. Shit happen. Avoiding further expenses or to trash my dreads for artistic purposes I borrowed my dad’s brushes back at the family home for a couple of days until it was time to pack back up and head back north to England.
‘Home sweet Home’, broke and to be reminded that my garden project in this end of August was deem to go into hibernation for another year which was no more tolerable.
I resolved myself that even if I had to look like a right fool idiot man planted knee deep in the mud in the middle of my backyard, I would push through to get that project off the ground…
So this is what I did between the shift at the coffee shop and the late night trying to finish some drawing in vain, this is a mad life but thanks to TomTom, a friend and the dry weather of this Autumn, Isla might have a garden to play in and I&I by the grace of Jah might have the chance to enjoy a coffee in the sun in a couple of month.
So this how I spend my time, trying to make time so I can create and use my craft. This is how I realise that to be able to make Art you need time, opportunities and an environment…
unless you become a living art..


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